Board of Directors Notes and Minutes

To the PCC membership:

The BOD’s meeting in Chicago was an amazing experience. I say this even though I am a cynical, experienced, veteran of USFA committee work and political posturing.

My expectation was that, although it was a new, and possibly better group, that a lot of the same issues of lack of collaboration and compromise would limit the groups’ ability to get things done.

Thank goodness I was wrong! The meeting agenda was clear, the leadership positive and appropriate, the information clear and available; we accomplished all that we hoped, on time.

You can see by the Minutes (called ‘draft’ because they need to be ratified at the next meeting) that there were a number of actions that were passed that will help the USFA move forward; help us recover from the financial problems, redefine the role of the organization, and learn how to support efforts strategically, with planning and execution.

I was especially pleased to watch BOD members with strong differences of opinions compromise to move actions through. The new Executive Committee is committed to the effort it will take to get things done. They have structured the oversight of committees well (see Committee Appointments) and have a focused timeline. The budget and all activitions are being presented in a transparent manner, and that is what we should expect to see going forward.

I was honored to be appointed as co-chair of the Resource Development Committee, with Michael Morgan, who has been involved with fencing since 1958. Our committee’s job is to develop a clear brand message, and then find both internal and external resources to help fund the USFA’s operation and growth goals. We will also make sure that all the committees are supported in presenting a common message as they develop club support, school programs, a wheelchair program, technology: the web site and other critical infrastructure and programs.

Thank you again for electing me to represent the Pacific Coast Section. I am optimistic that we are moving forward in a positive manner. Anyone with specific questions for me, please email me at


Kathryn Schifferle


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