Jr and Sr PCC info

JrPCC will be the weekend of April 17-18 in San Rafel CA  This will be Jr quals and cadet and Jr team championships

Dominican College

Conlan Center Gym

1475 Grand ave

San Rafel CA 94901

Sr PCC will be the weekend of May 8-9 in Las Vegas Nevada at the Alexsis Park Resort . This will be div 1a quals and Vet and Sr team championships

 We have a roomrate of 79.00 a night for the weekend. Events will be posted on Ask Fred by tuesday. 


            1.  Please call reservations at the resort (800)582-2228 (in the Continental United States) or (702)796-3322.

            2.  Please ask for reservations.

            3.  Please ask reservations for group block Pacific Coast Section Championship (Fencing).


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