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Pacific Coast Section
of the United States Fencing Association

Article I: Name, Affiliation and Territory

A. The Pacific Coast Section is a non-administrative unit of the United States Fencing Association (USFA). Its boundaries, responsibilities and authority are defined in the USFA’s ByLaws, ART.XV Sec. 11.

B. The current geographical area of the Section is comprised of the States of California, Hawaii, and Nevada.

Article II: Objectives

The general purpose of the Section is to promote the Purposes of the USFA.

 A. It shall sanction and conduct annual Section Championships within its boundaries.

 B. It shall promote interest and participation in the sport of fencing within its boundaries.

Article III: Membership

Membership in the Section shall be open to any member of the USFA residing within, and/or belonging to a registered USFA club located within, its boundaries.

Article IV: Management & Governance

A. The PCS will be governed by an Executive Committee comprised of the Chair, the Secretary and the Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer) of the Section, the Chair of each Division, the USFA Congress Representatives from each Division,and one additional member from each Division appointed by that Division’s Executive Committee. The Section’s Member of the USFA Board of Directors shall be a non-voting advisor to the Executive Committee, as will the Vice-Chair.

B. At its annual meeting, the PCS Executive Committee will elect a Chair, a Vice-Chair, a Secretary and a Treasurer. The offices of Secretary and Treasurer may be combined. The Executive Committee will also elect the Section Member of the USFA Board of Directors. No one holding these offices may occupy any Division office.

C. The Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer (henceforward referred to as “the officers”) shall administer the Section and carry out the policies of the Section Executive Committee. During the season, They may refer policy questions to the Committee by means of electronic communication and voting.

Article IV: Meetings

A. The Annual Meeting of the Section Executive Committee shall be held during the weekend of the Section Championships at the completion of fencing on Saturday in the tournament venue.

B. The Chair may at any time between Annual Meetings submit by e-mail specific questions to the Committee for discussion and approval. He or she must also submit questions to the Committee if requested to do so in writing or by e-mail by at least ten members. In either case, the Chair must allow one week for discussion and one week for the taking of the vote. The vote will be public with all Committee members copied.

C. Quorum: A quorum for the annual meeting, and any electronic meetings, of the Executive Committee shall be ten members, and must include at least one representative from each of six member Divisions.

Article V: Officers and their Duties

A. The Chair

  1. The Chair is responsible to the Executive Committee:

     (a) for the administration of the Section during the fencing season and for overseeing the proper management of all Pacific Coast Section tournaments. He or she may appoint Event Chairs and/or committees to assist, but the ultimate responsibility lies with the Chair.

     (b) for ensuring that all reports required by the USFA are correctly completed by the Secretary and/or Treasurer and submitted in a timely manner.

     (c) for the handling, maintenance, and security of all Section equipment.

     (d) For overseeing the performance of the other officers so to ensure the financial integrity of the Section.

     (e) For the Section website. He or she may delegate the actual management and operation of the website to the Secretary, but not the overall responsibility for its quality and currency.

  2. The Chair, along with the Secretary, must approve and sign any and all contracts which involve and engage the Section.

  3. The Chair must be a signatory to all Section bank accounts

B. The Vice-Chair

In order to conform to the USFA’s ByLaws, the Vice-Chair has no duties other than those assigned by the Chair. The Vice-Chair will assume the office of Chair and all the duties and prerogatives appertaining thereto if the Chair is physically incapable of performing his or her duties, or leaves office for any reason.

C. The Secretary

  1. The Secretary is responsible to the Executive Committee for:

     (a) The conduct of all official correspondence of the Section

     (b) The taking of the minutes of the Annual Meeting, the preservation of copies of the proceedings of any electronic meetings, and the tallying and recording of all votes.

     (c) The maintenance and preservation of all current records of the Section as well as its archives

     (d) The Secretary may, at the direction of the Chair, have authority over the Section website. He or she may choose, with the approval of the Chair, a person to act as webmaster for it. The selection of such person does not relieve either officer of the authority and responsibility for the site.

D. The Treasurer

  1. The Treasurer is responsible for The Section’s financial affairs and transactions, and will, to that end, have possession of the Section check book.

  2. The Treasurer will submit a complete financial report for the preceding season to the Executive Committee at its annual meeting. In addition, the Treasurer will submit interim financial reports to the Committee if so requested by a motion made and approved. If an interim report is requested, it will be submitted in a timely manner.

Article VI: Election procedures

A. Nominations

  1. Any member of the Section in good standing and at least 18 years of age may serve in a Section office.

  2. Section members who wish to serve as Officers or the Member of the USFA Board shall submit a letter stating their intention to the Section Secretary. The letter must be postmarked on or before April 15 of the voting year. E-mail notification is acceptable, but it must be sent to the Secretary no later than midnight of April 15.

  3. Each candidate for office may submit a statement to the Section Secretary for posting on the Section website.  The statement will be posted until after the election, but the candidate may make changes to it. It will be withdrawn from the website if the candidate so requests.

B. Voting Procedures for Section Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Section Member of the USFA Board of Directors

  1. Election of the Section Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and Section Member of the USFA Board will take place at the Section Executive Committee Annual Meeting.

  2. If only one (1) nomination is made for an office, the Secretary shall cast a unanimous ballot for the nominee.

  3. If two or more nominations are made for any office, the nominee receiving the majority of the votes cast shall be declared elected.

  4. If no nominee receives a majority, a run-off election shall be conducted between the two nominees who receive the largest number of votes in the initial election. The nominee receiving a majority of the votes cast in the run-off election shall be declared elected. In the event of a tie, lots shall be cast in a manner determined by the Chair and the winner declared.

  5. All members in good standing of the Section Executive Committee are eligible to vote.

Article VII: Recall of an Officer

A. The Executive Committee may, without cause or prejudice, recall any Section officer.

B. The proposal to recall shall be made by seconded motion to the entire Executive Committee. The motion, second, discussion and vote shall be conducted by e-mail under the same parameters as described in Article IV. However, a 2/3 majority of those voting is required to approve any motion for recall.

C. Immediately upon an affirmative vote on a motion to recall, the officer so affected shall step down. If the Chair,the Vice-Chair will assume all duties. If the Secretary or Treasurer, the Chair will see that the respective duties continue to be carried out. If all officers are recalled, the Executive Committee shall elect an acting Chair, Secretary & Treasurer (or Secretary-Treasurer) to complete the terms of office.

Article VIII: Section Operations Manual

An Operations Manual will be overseen and maintained by the Secretary. It will be a compilation of all policies approved by Section Executive Committees that are currently in force. No item, instruction, or guideline may be posted in the Manual that has not been voted on and approved by a Section Executive Committee.

Article IX: Amendments

These Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of the Executive Committee at any Annual Meeting. Proper notice of any such proposed amendment must be sent by mail or electronically to all members of the Executive Committee, and posted on the Section website, at least thirty (30) days prior to a vote being taken. All amendments shall be consistent with the Rules of the USFA.

Article X: Effective date

These Bylaws shall take effect on the date on which they shall be approved.


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