Facts about the PCS


The PCS encompasses California, Nevada & Hawaii.  We are one of the two sections where one must get on a plane to attend their sectional championships.  In addition,  Our fencers have the farthest to go to get to a tournament, with the two farthest population centers with active clubs, Honolulu and Reno, being approximately 2,500 miles apart.


As of May, 2008, there were 3,103 members in the PCS.  2,865 of those members held competitive memberships.  Of our competitive members, 2,015 are male and 848 are female.

This makes the PCS the third largest section, by population, in the USFA.  The two sections with larger populations are:

North Atlantic (Westchester, NY through Maine) – 3,895 total (3,737 competitive), and
Mid-Atlantic (New Jersey to DC) – 3,474 total (3,195 competitive)


In our section, we have the following count of ranked fencers:

Foil Epee Sabre
A 53
B 61
C 105
D 142
E 204
A 72
B 97
C 123
D 111
E 161
A 11
B 37
C 63
D 56
E 133


While counting clubs can prove to be a tricky calculus, our Section has approximately 88 clubs (including school and college teams) within its boundaries.  Not surprisingly, the majority of these clubs are in California, which sports 81 clubs.


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