The RFP for the PCC’s can be found here.  I’m sending it out to a variety of Convention and Visitor’s Bureau to see what kind of interest I find in holding the event.  I’m contemplating an alternative (not covered in here) that would seek a 35,000 sq ft space (there are several of those around) and a bigger, all-encompassing event – probably Div IA on one day, Junior and Vet on the second day.  A lot depends on the venue choices.

As an aside, the economics become a lot easier in Vegas (probably why so many were run there).  Most of the hotels look for room commitments, and having the PCC’s in Vegas probably led to 90% of the competitors staying in the venue hotel (making the space free/cheap).  If we do this in NorCal/SoCal, we don’t have the same benefit – I figure about 50% of the attendees (of a larger event) will use the hotel.

Please view this only for your own edification.  If you have any ideas about sending it out – run that through me (you will get appropriate attribution).  Otherwise the process will be even more chaotic!


Gary Zeiss


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