Following is a tentative Section Inventory. There are several discrepancies from the report provided by Dave Clarke after the PCC’s and I need to go to the storage room and find them. However, for now here it is:

Copper Strips 11
Rubber Strips 9-12 (count needed later, maybe 14)
Floor Cords 28
Favero Machines 13 + 1 (one “05” out with Carl Oberg) – 12 are “01”s, 2 are “05”s
Power Supplies 16
Reels: Uhlmann Flat 6
Reels: Favero 12
Reels: Uhlmann Upright 2
Grunding Cords 23
Power Strips 9
3-way Power Cubes 8
Extension Cords 10
Clipboards 30
Weight/Shim Bags 23
Stopwatches 16
Empty Fanny Packs 14
First Aid Kit 1


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